Vidéo : The Art of Waves par Graham Ezzy

“The Art of Waves” est une fenêtre de 4 minutes ininterrompues à Ho’okipa. Dans cette vidéo, Graham Ezzy s’est inspiré pour sa narration, de la peinture de Turner par John Ruskin, qui touche aux concepts de la place de l’individu dans l’infini.

The art of waves – Graham Ezzy

A bit of ' Graham Ezzy ' art today. Next week we pick up the PWA hIgh poInts again! Enjoy The art of waves. Graham: 'Often, windsurfing movies are a montage of quick cuts—all the best action moments jammed together. These surf-pornos are fun to watch but leave out a lot of what windsurfing is actually like. With traditional filming, a 4-minute movie consists of many days condensed down into their best moments, and you never see more that a few consecutive seconds at a time. This, of course, leaves out much of the actual experience. “The Art of Waves” is a single shot, which means it is a window into an uninterrupted 4 minutes at Ho’okipa. My narration is inspired by and is at times a paraphrase or even direct quotation of John Ruskin’s analysis of Turner’s painting, which touches on the concepts of the individual’s place in the infinite. 'Filmed by Wavetraveller

Publiée par PWA World Tour Windsurfing sur Vendredi 26 juin 2020

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